The Corruption Tracker (CT) is a women and youth-led project that seeks to delegitimise and dismantle the arms trade using the lens of corruption. We aim to collate, document, and expose information on corruption in the arms trade. By doing so, we hope to be an invaluable and accessible resource for campaigners, journalists, human rights organisations, and researchers working to dismantle the global arms trade.

The Corruption Tracker is a joint project of Shadow World Investigations (UK), the World Peace Foundation at Tufts University (US), and RüstungsInformationsBüro (Arms Information Centre, Germany).

“Our Story”:

The Corruption Tracker was born out of the desire to expose the violence of the arms trade through the lens of corruption to as wide an audience as possible.

In 2020, as a group of young researchers and activists, we all relied on and valued the incredible work that journalists, researchers and investigators were doing to investigate and document corruption in the arms trade. However, we found that the full impact of corruption across the arms trade sector was not visible, because there were so many sources of information.  The first step – seemingly straightforward – was not always that easy: knowing where to look.

It is with this inspiration that we set up the Corruption Tracker project, building on work done by the Compendium on Arms Trade Corruption at the World Peace Foundation to collect arms trade corruption cases in one easy-to-navigate, accessible place.  Our aim is to build and develop an accessible database of corruption cases that expose the violence of the arms trade. At the same time, and alongside engagement, collaborative work, and events we host and take part in, we hope our open database encourages further engagement with and documentation of arms trade corruption and violence across the world. 

We see ourselves as a small – but loud! – part of a movement that is committed to dismantling the global arms industry and the various, intermingled violence it relies on and perpetuates.   

You can contact us at info@corruption-tracker.org


Social Media

Twitter: @armstradeCT
Instagram: @armstradect
Facebook: @ArmsTradeCorruptionTracker

Street Address

Shadow World Investigations UK
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The Corruption Tracker relies on outside funding to do its work. We are currently receiving funds from the following organizations: World Peace FoundationPolden Puckham Charitable Foundation, Trust for Research and Education on the Arms Trade (TREAT), Carnegie Corporation of New York (via the World Peace Foundation).


The Corruption Tracker as a project is a member of the European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT)